About The Church on Thistle Ridge

We Have a World Wide Mission for Christ


God has given the church a treasure in the Gospel, and with the knowledge and experience of God's love comes a responsibility for proclaiming the universal good news to a fragmented world.  Our mission is to lift Christ up above narrow factional divisions so that the recreating, redeeming, reconciling, healing, and sustaining power of God is available to all people.

The purpose of our church is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to join with others who are “called out” to minister to both the local and global realm, so that we may accomplish God’s purposes on the earth.  We believe followers of Christ are uniquely gifted to minister in their circle of influence, putting hands and feet to the ministry of Jesus today.  We believe God’s workmanship becomes evident in the lives of Christians as they step out of their comfort zone and begin to function as the ministers that God created them to be, and that the unique gifts, passions and abilities that are deposited in each believer are given to him or her by God to build up the church and to encourage others.