Ministry Contacts

Administration: Elders Keith Hurst and Marvin Porter

Evangelism: Elders Pat Correll and Marvin Porter

Fellowship: Elders Keith Hurst and Gary Turner

Missions: Elders Pat Correll

Worship: Music and Worship Director Dudley Mahan


Men's Ministry: Senior Pastor C.C. Risenhoover

Women's Ministry: Jayme Porter, Jerri Hurst, Georgia Risenhoover

Holy Ground Radio Broadcast Ministry: Senior Pastor C.C. Risenhoover

Volunteer Chaplains/Hands On Ministry (lay chaplain class): Georgia Risenhoover

Children's and Nursery Ministries: Georgia Risenhoover

Youth Ministry: TBD

VBS Ministry: TBD

Good News Club: Jean Baxter


Volunteer Chaplains: Jim Curfew, Kathie Curfew, Jenny Davenport, Chris Heflin, Jerri Hurst, Keith Hurst, Tamatha Hurst,

Rosemary McDowell, Jamye Porter, Marvin Porter, Caylen Smith, Richard Reedy, Charlotte Turner, Rudy Watson 

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   June 2019