Our Many Ministries

The Church and Its Ministries

Worship, undergirded by Evangelism, is the priority of The Church. The elements of our worship are:
1) Reading the Word
2) Preaching the Word
3) Singing the Word, and
4) Praying the Word.
As The Church grows, current ministries will be expanded and new ministries will be added. A partial list of ministries includes:
Bible Study – We have a range of Sunday and Wednesday Bible Study opportunities for all ages. Classes are available for adults, specifically for men, specifically for women, children, and youth. Our purpose is to offer opportunities for studying the Word of God for people in all walks of Christian faith. Nursery/preschool programs for the young ones are also offered during Bible Study and Worship times.
Fellowship – Our Sunday Bible Study is  preceded by a half-hour fellowship period in which coffee and light refreshments are available to attendees. Our 6 p.m. supper on Wednesdays, followed by Bible study and Worship, provides another fellowship opportunity.  And, of course, we have a number of special events throughout the church year, which runs from October through September.
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